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Quick Questions Is it true that sexual intercourse between a married couple is sinful if the spouses do it with lust for each other?
Quick Questions Should we renew our wedding vows?
Quick Questions My annulment was denied, but may I still receive the Eucharist if my conscience tells me the marriage was invalid?
Quick Questions My husband had an affair that resulted in pregnancy. Should I consider it a blessing?
Quick Questions My brother wants to get "married" and adopt children: What do I do?
Quick Questions Why can’t a Catholic priest celebrate the sacrament of marriage in a garden?
Quick Questions How can someone who signs off on same-sex marriage certificates administer the Eucharist?
Quick Questions Is it a sin for a married woman to flirt?
Quick Questions Should I convert to Catholicism if I believe it to be true, even though it could hurt my marriage?
Quick Questions How should we understand intercourse within marriage if the Church says Mary remained "undefiled"; isn't consummation necessary?
Quick Questions Are prenuptial agreements forbidden?
Quick Questions May a couple who marry in the Church, divorce, and later reconcile resume marital relations?
Quick Questions What are the implications of divorce for my family?
Quick Questions Am I right to refrain from attending the Episcopalian wedding of a divorced Catholic whose first marriage has not been annulled?
Quick Questions What is the basis for the Catholic belief that a marriage ceases when one of the spouses dies?
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