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Quick Questions May the congregation pray "Through him, with him, and in him" with the priest?
Quick Questions Can you tell me who (if anyone) is supposed to read the gospel and give a homily at Communion services?
Quick Questions May we join the priest in praying the Eucharistic Prayer?
Quick Questions Can parishioners give each other ashes on Ash Wednesday?
Quick Questions Can a lay pastoral coordinator give a homily?
Quick Questions Nuns can't hear sacramental confessions - only priests, right?
Quick Questions May women deliver the homily at Mass?
Quick Questions Are extraordinary ministers allowed to bless communicants with the consecrated host?
Quick Questions Is it acceptable for the priest to remain seated while a layman distributes Communion?
Quick Questions Is it heretical for a nun to give the homily?
Quick Questions What is the appropriate role of a pastoral administrator in the liturgy?
Quick Questions The pastor of my church has been allowing a retired nun to give the homilies during Mass. Is this allowed?
Quick Questions Can a bishop give a nun authority to preside at a wedding?
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Quick Questions Is the Catechism for lay people or only for clergy?