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Quick Questions What is the Catholic understanding of the biblical plan of salvation?
Quick Questions What happens to those who die and do not believe?
Quick Questions Why wouldn't Jesus tell a near-death survivor to become a Catholic?
Quick Questions If I can believe in a religion that rejects the Church's teachings and still get to heaven, why bother being a Catholic?
Quick Questions Should I read theologians who just end up confusing my faith?
Quick Questions We are supposed to believe all of the teachings of the Church in matters of faith and morals, but what about disciplines?
Quick Questions How can someone who is a vegetarian receive Communion since transubstantiation changes the host into Christ’s body and blood?
Quick Questions If God is all love and is merciful, why is there eternal punishment?
Quick Questions What does the word again mean in the Apostles’ Creed phrase “he rose again”?
Quick Questions Are we supposed to bow during these words of the Creed?
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