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Quick Questions What is the sin of presumption?
Quick Questions Is the absolution given at a reconciliation service valid without private confession?
Quick Questions Can I give a priest permission to talk about my confession?
Quick Questions Can someone with a mortally sinful addiction, who does not have many opportunities to confess, receive Communion?
Quick Questions What's the best way to prepare for a general confession?
Quick Questions Can you answer some questions about confession?
Quick Questions How soon is "as soon as possible" to confess a mortal sin?
Quick Questions Do those who die in mortal sin get a second chance to repent?
Quick Questions Will they still let me join the Church if I confess to an abortion?
Quick Questions How can the physically impaired receive the sacraments?
Quick Questions Should I be discouraged because I've been told I cannot receive the sacraments since I am living with my girlfriend?
Quick Questions If my daughter refuses to go to Mass, am I guilty of mortal sin?
Quick Questions As a Protestant who wishes to stay focused on the Lord, may I confess my sins to a priest in order to do so?
Quick Questions What if I can't believe God will forgive all the awful things I've done?
Quick Questions Why does the Church keep the worst sinners at a distance by denying them Communion?
Quick Questions Should I confess my attempt to do magic?
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