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Quick Questions What are the requirements for marrying a non-Catholic Christian?
Quick Questions How did the Church decided that seven is the age of reason and the age for First Communion?
Quick Questions Can an infant be baptized if the godparents haven’t been confirmed?
Quick Questions In a mixed marriage, does the couple have to promise to raise their children Catholic to be married in the Church?
Quick Questions May Catholics ever marry non-Christians?
Quick Questions At what age should children start to regularly attend church?
Quick Questions Am I required to have a large family?
Quick Questions The groom won't agree to raise their children as Catholics. Can they still marry?
Quick Questions Can we baptize our baby in the Catholic church even though we are not married?
Quick Questions What does "honor your father and your mother" mean? If the parents are abusive, does this change anything?
Quick Questions What are some reasons that justify avoiding pregnancy?
Quick Questions Is my friend's theory that God created more than one set of first parents heretical?
Quick Questions Which should be my priority: morality or family harmony?
Quick Questions Can we have our granddaughter baptized if her parents won't?
Quick Questions Was my daughter's baptism valid?
Quick Questions Is it okay for a youth group to meet on Sunday?
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