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Quick Questions What is a censure?
Quick Questions If I pray for a person to return to the Church, will God intervene, taking away the person’s free will?
Quick Questions Are we dispensed Mass on All Saints Day because it's on a Monday?
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Quick Questions Does having multiple priests consecrating the Eucharist mean anything or give additional special meaning to the Mass?
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Quick Questions Given that at the Last Judgment the world will end, why in the “Glory Be” do we say “world without end”?
Quick Questions I have been looking for The Assumption of Moses to which Jude 9 refers. How may I get a copy of this manuscript?
Quick Questions Are those who follow their priest in leaving the Church in mortal sin?
Quick Questions Is the death penalty permissible for criminals who are violent in prison?
Quick Questions Did Jesus have a guardian angel?
Quick Questions Is it okay for a youth group to meet on Sunday?
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Quick Questions Is the tabernacle always supposed to be in the center of the sanctuary?
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Quick Questions Are we bound to follow the 2003 General Instruction of the Roman Missal?