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Quick Questions Some of my non-Catholic friends say the Church is satanic. What can I do?
Radio Shows St. John's Gospel 5/11/2011 6pm ET
Tracts Starting Out as an Apologist
Radio Shows The Arrest and Trial of Jesus 3/30/2009 6pm ET
Radio Shows The Chaplain Is In 11/2/2011 6pm ET
Radio Shows The Chaplain Is In 12/21/2011 6pm ET
Tracts The Divinity of Christ
Tracts The Eternal Sonship of Christ
Magazine Articles The Gospel in Full Color
Radio Shows The Gospel of Luke 12/5/2008 6pm ET
Radio Shows The Great Commission 6/1/2009 7pm ET
Radio Shows The Historical Jesus: Can We Trust the Gospels? 7/30/2010 7pm ET
Magazine Articles The Illuminated Word
Tracts The Necessity of Baptism
Radio Shows The New Age Deception 10/24/2011 6pm ET
Tracts The One True God
Radio Shows The Senses of Scripture 11/12/2010 7pm ET
Radio Shows The Synoptic Problem 9/14/2011 6pm ET
Tracts The Trinity