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Video What is the Holy Spirit?
Quick Questions I am Catholic. A Protestant told me that the people are the church, but I’m pretty sure that is not true. Can you help me? What is the Church?
Quick Questions Why didn't God reveal himself as a Trinity in the Old Testament?
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Quick Questions Was Jesus "forsaken" momentarily by the Father on the cross?
Quick Questions Was the Trinity ever contemplated, expected, imagined, prophesied, or talked about before the time of Christ?
Quick Questions Who brought Christ back from the dead?
Quick Questions If God exists, then wouldn't he be constantly creating? Wouldn't there have to be an initial creation that proved his existence?
Quick Questions What is the "Johannine Gloss"?
Magazine Articles Live by the Sea and You Will See God
Video Can we call God "mother?"
Quick Questions Can we understand the Trinity better since we have the writings of Aquinas to help us?
Quick Questions How can the Nicene Creed expressions "and the Son" and "through the Son" mean the same thing?
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