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Quick Questions If a Protestant convert to Catholicism was previously married outside of the Church, why does he need an annulment to remarry?
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Quick Questions Is it possible for people of the same sex to marry each other?
Video How can I explain annulments to my non-Catholic friend?
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Quick Questions If two Lutherans are married and they get a divorce in a civil court, can either remarry in the Catholic Church?
Quick Questions Since my wife has been baptized, is my marriage now sacramental?
Quick Questions Can someone who wants to become a Catholic join the Church even though his invalid marriage causes an impediment to receiving Holy Communion?
Quick Questions Why is a fee required for an annulment?
Quick Questions May my divorced friend marry a Catholic in the Church?
Quick Questions What must a person do to receive the Eucharist after divorce if there is no remarriage? Is this reason not to receive Communion?
Quick Questions Is my cousin's marriage in an "independent catholic church" valid if both she and her fiancé are baptized Catholics?
Quick Questions Is our marriage sacramental now?
Quick Questions Can we have our marriage convalidated immediately?
Quick Questions Is coercion grounds for annulment?
Quick Questions Should I be baptized so that we can have a Catholic wedding?
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