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Quick Questions Must we confess before receiving Communion because God cannot be in the presence of sin?
Quick Questions Can someone who has committed a mortal sin receive Communion if he makes a perfect act of contrition?
Quick Questions If someone is unsure he's in a state of grace, should he refrain from receiving Communion?
Quick Questions Should I receive if I have an unconfessed mortal sin on my conscience?
Quick Questions Does the Church still teach you have to go to confession before receiving Communion?
Quick Questions Can someone with a mortally sinful addiction, who does not have many opportunities to confess, receive Communion?
Quick Questions How soon is "as soon as possible" to confess a mortal sin?
Quick Questions Since Judas's betrayal of Jesus likely was a grave sin, why did Jesus give him Communion at the Last Supper?
Quick Questions What must a person do to receive the Eucharist after divorce if there is no remarriage? Is this reason not to receive Communion?
Quick Questions What should I do about someone who refuses to go to confession before receiving the Eucharist?
Quick Questions When considering whether to receive Communion, what constitutes a "grave reason" and "opportunity to confess"?
Quick Questions Is it wrong to receive Communion before committing a mortal sin?
Quick Questions Why does the Church keep the worst sinners at a distance by denying them Communion?
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Quick Questions Is reverse transubstantiation possible?
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