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November 9, 2016
Julian the Apostate

Catholics love conversion stories because it gives them the opportunity to look at the Church through the eyes of an outsider. Often these conversions stories highlight the significance of things about Catholicism that lifelong Catholics take for granted. Converts aren't the only ones who reveal these things: sometimes the enemies of the Church also reveal supernatural aspects of the Church that cradle Catholics take for granted.

The apostate emperor Julian (A.D. 330-363) is a good...

November 8, 2016
John Henry Newman

“History is not a creed or a catechism, it gives lessons rather than rules; still no one can mistake its general teaching in this matter, whether he accept it or stumble at it. Bold outlines and broad masses of color rise out of the records of the past. They may be dim, they may be incomplete; but they are definite. And this one thing at least is certain; whatever history teaches, whatever it omits, whatever it exaggerates or extenuates, whatever it says and unsays, at least the Christianity...

November 7, 2016
A coffin is moved into a retort for cremation.

“For the living know that they will die,” says the author of Ecclesiastes (Eccles. 9:5). This is a reality we all face. But the question of what to do with the body after death remains. May we cremate it? If so, may we scatter the ashes or must we preserve them? May we donate the body to science?

Such questions weigh heavy on the minds and hearts of many who contact Catholic Answers. Therefore, it’s important that we address the question of what we can and can’t do with the body after...

November 4, 2016

Editor’s note: Jimmy Akin’s new book A Daily Defense comprises 365 one-page defenses (plus one for leap year) of typical challenges to the Catholic Faith. These daily doses of apologetics are designed to arm the reader with short-form answers and tips for delving deeper into any particular subject. Through the end of the year, the Catholic Answers blog will run occasional excerpts.


“I can’t imagine being happy for all eternity in...

November 3, 2016

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