The demand for solid information has turned Catholic Answers into the preeminent apostolate of its kind. Its dedicated full-time staff and volunteers respond to the questions, needs, and pleas of tens of thousands of people a year, in multiple ways. Catholic Answers offers:

  • A growing collection of books, tracts, booklets, CDs, and DVDs published by the apostolate and designed to bring the public the best in Catholic apologetics and evangelization. These may be ordered through Catholic Answers’ on-line shop, along with hundreds of solid, faith-building resources by other top-notch Catholic publishers.
  • Catholic Answers Magazine, the premier periodical on apologetics and evangelization;
  • Catholic Answers Live, a daily, two-hour, live, call-in radio broadcast heard on over 160 AM/FM stations nationally, as well as internationally via shortwave and the Internet. Participants in the broadcasts include many influential figures in the Catholic community.
  • A Correspondence Department that provides answers to the pressing questions of thousands of people who contact Catholic Answers each year.
  • Multiple web resources that present a broad range of information about Scripture and the teachings of the Church and that assist visitors in tapping into the various branches of the apostolate.