The Theology of the Body Controversy

Monday, Nov 2, 2009 - 6pm ET

Christopher West – renowned educator and best-selling author – serves officially as a research fellow and faculty member of the Theology of the Body Institute near Philadelphia, PA. His popular week-long courses offered through the Institute continue to draw students from around the globe.  He’s appeared on Fox News, ABC News, MSNBC, and numerous national radio shows. His multiple books, study guides, and audio and video programs reach an international audience. His May 7, 2009 appearance on ABC Nightline led to a flurry of discussion and debate in the blogosphere.  Professors Janet Smith, Michael Waldstein, Michael Healy, Father Thomas Loya, and Christopher’s own Ordinary Bishop Kevin Rhoades, along with Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia, have all published strong defenses of Christopher’s teachings about John Paul II’s theology of the body.  Christopher lives near Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife Wendy and their five children.  He joins us now from the lush green hills of Pennsylvania.

Theology of the Body for Beginners - Revised Edition
"For such a time as this we have been given Pope John Paul II and his ""theology of the body."" Based on the words of Jesus, John Paul II's reflections on the body and sex take us to the root of the modern crisis and chart the path to an authentic sexual liberation. Yet the Pope's profound scholarship often intimidates the average person. In Theology of the Body for Beginners. Christopher West provides a short and popular summary of the Pope's revolutionary teaching."