The Chaplain Is In

Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011 - 6pm ET

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

I read that the Holy Spirit will have a last job - can you explain what this will be?

Where can I find documentation concerning the furnishings of the Catholic Church?

What is my responsibility when I am invited to a wedding where neither the bride nor groom is Catholic?

A Jesuit priest said that the faithful no longer need to kneel during the consecration. Can you clarify this?

Two of my friends are getting married--one Lutheran and one Catholic--by a Lutheran minister without a dispensation. Did I do the right thing by telling them that I cannot attend?

Is the peace sign considered satanic? Is it okay to wear?

Is there a correct way to make the sign of the cross?

Is there a prudent response to the fact that my son is picking up bad words and bad behaviors at his private Catholic pre-school?

What are some ways you can discern God’s plan for you?

My daughter is a fallen-away Catholic. Is it within my responsibilities as a father to make sure that her marriage is blessed?

In a marriage, is it God that is joining the two people together?

I work at a Protestant hospital where abortions are performed - is it my obligation to find another job?

I am supposed to visit Jerusalem in November, but there are travel warnings right now. How do I discern God’s will for me to go on this pilgrimage? 

Where can I find more information about reiki, and talk tol my friend who is involved in it?

How is it that many Protestants believe that Jesus had a brother?