Q&A Open Forum (Part II)

Thursday, Sep 27, 2012 - 7pm ET

Fr. John Trigilio answers:

How do we know that God’s ability to see all of time is a fact and not an opinion?

What does “apologetics” mean? What is it for?

Was Jesus a carpenter or a fisherman? 

After Jesus resurrected, nobody recognized him -- did he have a different spiritual body? Does everyone in heaven have spiritual bodies or are they spirits without bodies?

If a book has an imprimatur, is it inspired?

I have heard a liturgist say that you only need to beat your breast once during the Confiteor -- is this true?

When did the Church allow godparents for baptism?

Which Gospel was first: Mark or Matthew?

If there is no time in heaven, how are we separated from and then reunited with our bodies when we die?

How do we answer Protestants who ask, “Why do you believe that Catholics are the only ones going to heaven?” 

Is there a children’s catechism that would be appropriate for a Sunday school program? 

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