Q&A Open Forum

Tuesday, Jul 3, 2012 - 6pm ET

Jim Blackburn answers:

Do I have to accept everything the Church teaches in order to be a Catholic? Is there a place for me, even if there is something I cannot believe?

I was divorced 26 years ago, and at the time there was nothing about my life that was based in the Catholic religion -- is this a sufficient reason to petition for an annulment?

I’ve been married for eleven years, and my wife was previously married -- can I receive Communion?

If an annulment is not granted, what options do the individuals have for being able to come into the Church?

Why do some frown upon charismatic Catholicism, while some embrace it?

How can you use Scripture to argue against sola scriptura?

Does the Church have specific guidelines on attending what seems to be an invalid wedding?

Defending Your Faith: How to Counter Standard Objections to Catholicism
The most common charge non-Catholic Christians make against the Catholic Church is that the tenets of Catholicism are man-made and unbiblical. Those are serious charges, for sure. But can you refute them?