Q&A Open Forum

Tuesday, Jun 26, 2012 - 6pm ET

Tom Nash answers:

Is it acceptable to believe that there were soulless human-like creatures before Adam?

How can I refute the idea that the King James Version is the only legitimate Bible?

Did Jesus intentionally pick Judas to be one of his disciples, knowing he would betray him?

What is really behind the culture of death? Why are same-sex marriage, abortion, contraception, etc. promoted so heavily?

How can I tell if my daily meditation book, Around the Year by Emmet Fox, is New Age? 

An ex-Catholic told me that she left the Church because she saw a video that showed statues of dragons and demons in St. Peter’s Basilica -- how can I convince her to return to the Church?

Do you know anything about the claim that Theophilus hired St. Luke to investigate the validity of Jesus’ Resurrection?

I think that the statement, “It would be better if Judas had never been born,” would have had a different meaning during Jesus’ time then now -- what is your take on this?

The pro-life Population Research Council says that there is a natural cap on world population in the 7-8 billion range -- do you know why this is?

What is the best rebuttal for a gay rights activist who cites Born Gay: The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation by Glenn Wilson and Qazi Rahman?

What Catholics Really Believe
Questions arising from common misconceptions about what Catholics believe are addressed in What Catholics Really Believe. Karl Keating does an excellent job of clearly explaining Catholic practices that even devout Catholics can have a difficult time explaining to others.