Q&A Open Forum

Tuesday, Mar 6, 2012 - 6pm ET

Patrick Madrid answers:

It turns out that Rome is not my home -- what are your thoughts on this?

How do I explain that even though God cannot do evil, he is still omnipotent?

If the devil repented, would Jesus let him back in heaven?

My sister follows Fr. Richard Rohr -- how do I answer his argument that the Church should be worried about other injustices besides abortion and immorality?

My Fundamentalist sister believes in nullifying religious practices, because Jesus got rid of many of the Pharisees’ practices -- how can I explain the truth?

What is the Church’s teaching on the separation of Church and state?

Once the HHS Mandate passes, will it be wrong for me to get health insurance from the secular institution where I work?

My father-in-law believes that he is saved -- am I right to believe that this is blasphemy and that God will make his judgment after we die? If so, how do I prove it?

Where Is That In The Bible?
Where Is That In The Bible? shows you how to deflate standard objections to Catholicism - and how to use Scripture to bring people into (or back into) the Church.