Q&A Open Forum

Thursday, Jan 19, 2012 - 7pm ET

Jimmy Akin answers:

Can you elaborate on this past Sunday’s Gospel reading?

How can I refute the claim that Catholics don’t like sex because we don’t approve of birth control?

Will you explain the timeline of the Epiphany? 

Where does the Church stand on the use of Viagra?

What is the proper translation of Matthew 16:19?

What does original sin have to do with Mary dying?

Are we allowed to receive Communion if we are attending a funeral at an Orthodox Church?

What is the definition of “pure spirituality”?

Is it okay for Catholics to listen to Protestant praise and worship?

Annulments: What You Need To Know
"Confused about annulments? Think they're just a Catholic ""divorce"" in disguise? Many people have questions about annulments but aren't sure where to turn for the answers. Jimmy Akin, apologist for Catholic Answers, has taken on the task of providing a concise, understandable booklet about annulments, written in question-and-answer format. Whether your question is a basic one or delves into a more specific case, Akin covers the broad range of issues that fall under the topic of annulments. His brief overview will give you a clear understanding of what is involved in annulments, including the basics, the grounds for annulments, the concerns people have, and particular cases."