Pro-Life Open Forum

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 - 7pm ET

Dr. George Delgado answers:

Are we any better today with the abortion industry than we were in the 20th century with concentration camps?

Do you think that President Obama’s “ends justify the means” philosophy contributes to his views on abortion?

Why are we using the word “abortion” instead of the phrase “murder of children?”

What can we do in the college and public school arena to get young people to understand the dignity of life?

Why does it often seem that the topic of abortion is off-limits in our own parishes?

My husband had a vasectomy reversal -- would NaPro Technology work for us?

Given forced abortions and other life issues in China, should we be taking a more aggressive stand about American relations with them?

I have endometriosis -- what solutions might be offered through NaPro Technology?