Pro-Life Open Forum

Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012 - 7pm ET

Dr. George Delgado answers:

Biblically, how is the pro-life movement justified? 

Could you comment on how the woman from Roe v. Wade has had a conversion since the court ruling?

I work in a pharmacy – can anything besides birth control be used to treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Do you know of any natural treatments for endometriosis?

What is the Church’s teaching on vasectomies?

Has the World Health Organization come out with a statement saying that abortion increases the risk of cancer?

What is the proper treatment of miscarried babies?

Is it true that the AIDS virus is smaller than the pores in condoms?

My wife’s doctor put her on birth control to regulate the problems that she has with bleeding -- what does the Church teach about this?

Pro-Life Answers To Pro-Choice Arguments
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