Open Forum

Thursday, Apr 25, 2013 - 7pm ET

Jimmy Akin answers:

What should I say to our monsignor who said that “someone who commits suicide is not in the right state of mind and therefore goes straight to heaven”?

If my daughter gets married in the protestant church, will it be recognized by the Catholic Church?

What is the protocol for a Catholic baptism?

What does “canonized works” mean?

How can I help my friend who is looking into Christianity, but is listening to anti-Catholic things?

Are we allowed to raise our hands with the priest during the Our Father at Mass? Are we supposed to cross ourselves when the priest passes by during the procession/ending procession?

Can I receive communion being divorced?

May I have clarification on Matthew 18?

Annulments: What You Need To Know
"Confused about annulments? Think they're just a Catholic ""divorce"" in disguise? Many people have questions about annulments but aren't sure where to turn for the answers. Jimmy Akin, apologist for Catholic Answers, has taken on the task of providing a concise, understandable booklet about annulments, written in question-and-answer format. Whether your question is a basic one or delves into a more specific case, Akin covers the broad range of issues that fall under the topic of annulments. His brief overview will give you a clear understanding of what is involved in annulments, including the basics, the grounds for annulments, the concerns people have, and particular cases."