Open Forum

Thursday, Apr 25, 2013 - 6pm ET

Jim Blackburn answers:

Does Gen 1:26 point to the eternal nature of the Trinity?

I would like guidance on my role as a godmother according to the Catholic Church.

What is the background on Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John? 

How many James’ are in the Bible?

What is considered sinful between a husband and wife sexually? Can a wife think about her husband?

Have you heard the translation from the Jerusalem Bible on Gen 1:26?

What are resources on understanding SSPX?

What does it mean that Jesus is the “Word”?

Can you please help me understand Mary in general?

If the Church doesn’t recognize the Eucharist in other Christian denominations as valid, then why does the Church recognize marriage as valid in other Christian denominations?

How do I see God as a loving God if there are so many rules?