Open Forum

Thursday, Mar 21, 2013 - 6pm ET

Colin Donovan answers:

Why did the Catholic Church arrange the OT books in the order they are in?

Is it immoral to buy products from companies that support intrinsic evils?

Since we as Catholics don’t want to redefine marriage with homosexual unions, could the argument be made that we have already redefined marriage by allowing divorce?

Is there any Biblical support for separating venial sins from mortal sins?

My church supports charities that have a good cause, but these charities themselves support organizations like Planned Parenthood. What are we as parishioners supposed to do?

What are your thoughts on Pope Francis at the Inaugural Mass dipping the Eucharist into the Precious Blood before giving Holy Communion out, as well as, him bowing and not genuflecting after consecration?

If Mary had taken a vow of celibacy before she met St. Joseph, why did she accept to marry him?

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