Open Forum

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012 - 7pm ET

Jim Blackburn answers:

Why are priests not allowed to marry when the Bible says that priests should marry?

Why do we need a pope?

If grace is a gift, how do we achieve it?

Does that Catholic Church teach that God only exists in the Catholic Church?

What is the Church’s teaching on cremation?

How did all of the animals fit on the ark?  

What is the church teaching on slavery?

Nuts And Bolts
"Tim Staples, a former Assemblies of God youth pastor, is a convert to the Catholic Church. During his days as a Protestant, he was convinced that the Catholic Church and most of its teachings were ""unbiblical,"" and he used many biblical arguments trying to demonstrate that. Now, as a Catholic, he is a leading defender of the Catholic Church and in this book he gives you step-by-step answers to fourteen of the most common arguments thrown at Catholics."