Open Forum

Thursday, Nov 15, 2012 - 6pm ET

Jimmy Akin answers:

Why is so much divorce tolerated in the Catholic Church?

Is there a document that describes the proper way to receive Communion in the hand?

Do you know why the HHS Mandate is only addressed as it relates to businesses and not individual plans?

What do I need to do to get my marriage recognized by the Church?

What would be the best discussion topics to raise with Muslims to help them see their false understanding of God?

Is there anything similar to an imprimatur or nihil obstat for websites?

Jesus accepted all people, even if they were serious sinners -- why then can’t non-Catholics receive Communion?

Since the covenant with Noah has never been done away with, why does the Catholic Church push so hard to get rid of the death penalty?

Annulments: What You Need To Know
"Confused about annulments? Think they're just a Catholic ""divorce"" in disguise? Many people have questions about annulments but aren't sure where to turn for the answers. Jimmy Akin, apologist for Catholic Answers, has taken on the task of providing a concise, understandable booklet about annulments, written in question-and-answer format. Whether your question is a basic one or delves into a more specific case, Akin covers the broad range of issues that fall under the topic of annulments. His brief overview will give you a clear understanding of what is involved in annulments, including the basics, the grounds for annulments, the concerns people have, and particular cases."