Open Forum

Tuesday, Oct 23, 2012 - 6pm ET

Karl Keating answers:

My wife is seeking an annulment -- will she be able to enter the Church this Easter if we take a vow of celibacy?

Is the sacrament of confirmation tainted in any way if the priest is in a state of mortal sin?

I’ve noticed that my RCIA instructors sometimes give incorrect information -- would it be proper for me to correct them in front of the class?

If I have an issue that I’ve placed in God’s hands but continue to dwell on, am I acting contrary to God’s will?

One of the extraordinary ministers wore an Obama/Biden Pin as she was distributing the blood of Christ -- is this something that I should mention to our pastor?

Does receiving a valid baptism outside the Church present an obstacle to the fruitful reception of baptismal grace?  

Why must we confess our sins to a priest?

How should social justice play a role in the way we vote?

What Catholics Really Believe
Questions arising from common misconceptions about what Catholics believe are addressed in What Catholics Really Believe. Karl Keating does an excellent job of clearly explaining Catholic practices that even devout Catholics can have a difficult time explaining to others.