Open Forum

Tuesday, Oct 2, 2012 - 6pm ET

Tim Staples answers:

How can the Eucharist be the literal body and blood of Jesus, if Jesus is still 100% man?

Where in the Bible does it say that it is okay to pray the rosary?

What happens to the people who are baptized Catholic and then turn away from the Faith, but remain Christian?

My non-Catholic friend is taking confirmation classes, but says there are some things she likes and some she dislikes about Catholicism -- how do I explain that we have to accept all of the Church’s teachings?

I heard an ad by the Susan B. Anthony group that mentions the president’s infanticide record -- what is the best way to tell other people about these issues?

How much do we back the Gospel of the Nativity of Mary?

My wife is not baptized, but isn’t sure if she wants to be Catholic -- can she be baptized, but hold off on confirmation?

How do we know which statements of the pope are infallible?

Catholics And The Culture War
We will lose the fight for America if we don’t stop and answer one simple question— What went wrong? American society has changed dramatically—and for the worse. We’re already at the point where the faith has been largely pushed out of public life. Now its enemies are trying to stifle it completely. These are perilous times to be a Christian of any stripe, much less a Catholic. How did we get here? And what are we to do?