From the Heart

Wednesday, Mar 6, 2013 - 7pm ET

Mother Miriam answers:
How can I discern which missionary to choose?

How does one offer up physical pain?

Is it better to act out the Gospels or simply read them?

My husband does not live with me because he has been taking care of his grandmother. I feel that it is time for him to come home but he feels guilty to pull away because he may let her down. What should he do?

My son is about 3,000 miles away and I need some suggestions as to how I can enhance his religious upbringing?

My husband is in a detention facility and my children do not want to forgive him. How can I help all of us to forgive him for what he has done?

How do I get past an accusation and start trusting a priest?

Is our birth and death date predestined?

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