From the Heart

Wednesday, Dec 5, 2012 - 7pm ET

Mother Miram answers:

Is it a problem if the members of a parish seem more concerned with helping the poor than with the Church and God?

Is it okay to stay the night at my homosexual brother’s house with my child?

As a 35-year-old in RCIA, how can I know my vocation? Is the single life a vocation?

What is the role of godparents?

Can I still ask God’s favor or guidance even though I have disrespected my parents and had hatred in my heart?

What is the difference between immortal souls and the souls of animals?

Would it be necessary for me to get a vasectomy reversal if my wife and I are in our 50s and we have already confessed it?

When God made man, he said, “in our image” -- what does he mean by “our”? 

My daughter asked -- when was God born?

Does God really care about the suffering of people on earth?

I have a desire to see God’s plan in my life and am losing hope -- what Scripture verses do you recommend?

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