From the Heart

Wednesday, Jul 18, 2012 - 7pm ET

Mother Miriam answers:

I have heard comments about EWTN being ultra-conservative and having "pre-Vatican II" ideas -- what is your opinion on this?

Can you explain Revelation 12? 

Are the Jews still considered to be the chosen the people of God? 

Would it be okay for me to be buried in a veterans’ cemetery?

Can you tell me, a non-religious person, why abortion and homosexual marriage are wrong?

What is the focus of Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope?

I am a recent convert and am interested in religious life, but I was told that I shouldn't think about it for three years -- what is your advice?

My marriage was annulled, and now I’m discerning religious life -- could I visit your convent and pray about it? Would God want me to stay close to my grandchildren instead?