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Mark Brumley
If an outrageous assertion gets repeated enough times, people will begin to believe it. How to counter the unhistorical and unbiblical claim...
Carl Olson
Deepak Chopra is a popular pitchman for today’s “spirituality.” His latest bestseller purports to uncover a Jesus obscured and misinterpreted...
Steve Ray
We know the story: Jesus transformed a handful of bread and fish into enough food for a multitude . . . didn’t he? A contemporary spin on a...
John Henry Crosby
Philosophy often has denigrated the role of the emotions in human life, lumping them with the bodily passions and emotional states. But the...
Isaiah Bennett
The Mormon church talks much about Christ, but it's a Christ whom Catholics wouldn't recognize.
Joel S. Peters
Jehovah's Witnesses deny the divinity of our Lord, but their own translation of the Bible proves it. Here are the verses you need to show them.
Nancy M. Cross
Our Lord said something to the women he met on the Via Dolorosa. Today we see the fulfillment of his words.
Father Mateo
A lively and detailed exchange from a computer bulletin board. Is the Catholic position regarding the identity of the "brethren of the Lord"...
Trent Horn
Internet evidence is rampant that many people think Jesus was only a myth. But you have to ignore the historical record to believe this.
Mark Brumley
It was the release of the movie The Da Vinci Code that prompted this refutation of the theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married.