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Donald DeMarco
It’s said, often ad nauseum, that nobody is pro-abortion. Even so, the arguments for choice are flimsy at best, and proponents of the "right to...
Jeffrey A. Mirus
What are the limits of a bishop’s teaching authority? Nowadays, the U.S. bishops’ conference seems to have something to say about almost every...
Fr. Frank Pavone
For more than 30 years, we’ve been hearing that overpopulation is one of the biggest threats to the human race. For almost as long, this “...
Fr. Frank Pavone
The 2007 Supreme Court ruling Gonzales vs. Carhart was a major victory for infants in the womb. More and more people are speaking out on behalf...
James Kidd
Having been involved with Internet debates over the years, the author has developed an argument that cuts to the heart of the abortion debate....
Msgr. Vincent Foy
Can the entrenched culture of death be overcome? A new look at the book of Jonah may reveal the hopeful answer.
Bishop Robert H. Brom
If we are not horrified by the prospects of human cloning, we should be.
Fr. Michael Wensing S.T.L.
What difference would it make in the pro-life argument if we could switch the cultural perception that the seat of life resides not in the...
Chris Butler
Here's an article without polemic designed to be handed to someone who favors legal abortion.
Fr. Frank Pavone
In the debate over abortion, the devil mocks God by putting Christ's own words into the mouths of those bent on selfishness to the death.