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Thomas E. Woods Jr.
In July 2007, Pope Benedict XVI made one of the Church’s treasures—a liturgical form observed by Roman Catholics for centuries—available to...
Kenneth D. Whitehead
One of the longest-running liturgical disputes involves the question of whether we should be kneeling or standing during Mass and at Communion...
Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas Ph.D. S.T.D.
The content of the documents of Vatican II may well rival the third secret of Fatima for speculation and inscrutability. The only way to...
Kevin Orlin Johnson Ph.D.
You've probably experienced most of them; some of them may surprise you. None of them are allowed.
T. L. Frazier
Anti-Catholic polemicists claim the Mass is not biblical because it is liturgical. They need to take another look at Scripture.
Karl Keating
If you give a false emphasis to a word or topic, no one will follow your argument.