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Quick Questions Is the power of your prayers lost or diminished if your mind wanders while praying?
Quick Questions Does "world without end" mean there will be no end of the world?
Quick Questions In the prayer "Hail, Holy Queen," we call Mary "our life, our sweetness, and our hope." Is this proper?
Quick Questions Why pray to angels?
Quick Questions At Mass, why do we pray in the third person instead of addressing our pleas and praises directly to God?
Quick Questions Does the rosary have to be said in a certain way to be effective?
Quick Questions Can deacons perform exposition and benediction?
Quick Questions How can we offer Jesus' body, blood, soul, and divinity in the Divine Mercy chaplet?
Quick Questions I heard that praying after receiving Holy Communion is introverted. Is that true?
Quick Questions Why is God silent?
Quick Questions Is there a way I can communicate with my deceased father?
Quick Questions If a person asks in prayer for assistance but no answer comes, should the person just give up praying?
Quick Questions How can I love God when I can't see him?
Quick Questions In prayer we accept God's will, so what does the Church say about prayer formulas that guarantee a request will be granted?
Quick Questions Where can I find a copy of the Divine Office?
Quick Questions Is kneeling a "construct of feudal relations" from the Byzantine court?
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Quick Questions My mom would like to go on some sort of trip over the Easter holiday, but I would rather spend the time in prayer. What should be the proper plan of action?
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