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Quick Questions Why do we genuflect and what does it mean?
Quick Questions Why do we bend the right knee when genuflecting?
Quick Questions Is it permissible to have nocturnal adoration from the night of Holy Thursday into the morning of Good Friday?
Quick Questions Can deacons perform exposition and benediction?
Quick Questions Who's right about when the bread and wine become Christ's body and blood?
Quick Questions How long can the consecrated host remain in a pyx or lunette before it must be replaced?
Quick Questions What is the difference between adoring our Lord in the tabernacle and adoring him exposed on the altar?
Quick Questions Why is the monstrance sometimes held with bare hands and at other time with covered hands?
Quick Questions My rosary group would like to have eucharistic exposition while we pray the rosary. Is this permissible?
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Quick Questions Does the Church approve having the Blessed Sacrament in one’s home for private devotion?
Quick Questions Should the Blessed Sacrament be reposed during Mass if it is in a chapel to the side of the main altar?
Quick Questions Is the tabernacle always supposed to be in the center of the sanctuary?
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